Getting to the Bottom of Bourbon

Investigating and Enjoying America’s Spirit

Bourbon's origin story is disputed, but its popularity is not. Our true national beverage can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a tasty cocktail; when drinking bourbon, it really is hard to go wrong.

Brooklyn Derby visits Louisville, interviewing experts and enthusiasts alike, to learn more about this Kentucky-bred spirit and what makes it so gosh darn delicious.

This is the second video of a three-part series. Visit the page for our first video, Louisville from the Horse's Mouth, where you can see a list of all the locations we visited. And stay tuned for one more!

Our Sponsor

This video would not exist without the generous support of our sponsor, 21c Museum Hotel, home of modern Southern hospitality in Lousiville and beyond.

Thank You

We are grateful to everyone who sat down to discuss the ins and outs of bourbon with us. Special thanks to Mike Veach for delving deep into the history; Drew Shryock for sharing the place bourbon holds in a Kentuckian’s heart; Rob Samuels, Greg Davis, Victoria MacRae-Samuels, and the rest of the team at Maker’s Mark Distillery for showing us the love that goes into their purposefully inefficient process; Bob White of Mint Julep Tours for taking the scenic route and giving us our favorite sound bites; and Chea Beckley and the staff at Proof on Main for helping us appreciate the art of the bourbon cocktail.


Creighton was provided a rare opportunity during our Maker’s Mark Distillery tour. Friend Rob Samuels, current Maker’s Mark COO and grandson of the original founder, suggested that Creighton don the gear and get on the production line to try his hand at dipping bottles. We later learned that this isn’t an offer many people receive, and the most recent person to be invited to join the line was Hillary Rodham Clinton. Woah! After Creighton “successfully” dipped his share of bottles, we were all able to give it a go, dipping special bottles of Maker’s 46 in the distillery tasting room. We are all proud of Creighton for not allowing things to escalate to a “Lucy at the chocolate factory” situation, and now whenever we see a bright, shiny bottle of Maker’s Mark, we exclaim, “Maybe Creighton dipped that!”