Bring It to the Finish Line

Commit to a winning style.

Every Derby Day we are wowed by our guests' inspired Derby Style. Each year people up the ante with more and more mind-blowing outfits, and lucky for us, Steve McFarland captures these stunning images for us to peruse for years to come.


Floral Prints

Last year there was an explosion of floral prints for both men and women. No pattern could be more appropriate for Derby Day. Florals come in a wide array of styles, from big and bold to delicate or monochrome. And by wearing florals you can do anything with your hat. Either go completely matchy-matchy, or let your hat be the cherry on top (that cherry, Jen Mussari, won the 2015 hat contest, by the way).



Astroturf & Greens

Quite a few people choose astroturf as the basis of their Derby headpiece. Several women had miniature race tracks on their heads, with racing horses and racing dinosaurs. “Glue a plastic animal on it” is the new “put a bird on it.” Plastic greenery and a hot glue gun are a match made in Derby Style heaven.



Bold & Graphic

We love this style and hope to see more people embrace it this year. Check out the black-and-white themed couple: their simple outfits with bold shapes stand out in a crowd of colors. A favorite head-to-toe outfit from 2015 is this origami themed one. Carrying a single idea from top to bottom is a crowd pleaser. The gentleman in the American flag themed outfit not only showed his patriotism but reminds us that America is already great.



Keeping warm

Any Brooklyn Derby regular knows what happens when the sun goes down; it gets very chilly out there at Greenwood Park. Many people thought ahead and made an extra layer part of their outfit. Keeping warm for the final hours can increase your party endurance. From the ever stylish leather jacket to denim jackets and fitted blazers, these guests look cool while staying warm to the end of the night.



If It’s Easy to Wear, It’s Probably Not for Derby

A few hats captured our imagination in 2015 by the difficulty level of wearing them. Beautiful hats, made exponentially more impressive by the sheer will of the wearer. Two were simply gigantic, while the tassel hat looked like a potential vision blocker. Kudos to those that commit to Derby Style with so much gusto!


There were great looks all around at Brooklyn Derby 2015. Check out the full album. What will you be wearing this year?