Big Hats, Bigger Style

How It's Done at Brooklyn Derby

Brooklyn Derby may be “the best darn Kentucky Derby party outside Kentucky,” but our style is second to none. Every year our revelers up the bar and blow our minds with their unparalleled swank. Here's a rundown of some of the best looks that were captured at last year's event by our incredible photographer Steve McFarland.


Traditional Done Right

Nothing says Derby quite like the swagger of seersucker and the sway of a big hat. Our Brooklyn Derby-goers do it flawlessly, as if they were transported directly from the Club House of Churchill Downs.


Thrice as Nice

We were pleased to see an uptick in gentlemen making strong statemets by adding that third piece to their suits.


And it turns out it’s just as dashing to have all three of those pieces cut from the same cloth as it is to play mix-and-match.


Floral Revival

Derby tends to signify the official end of yet another harsh New York winter, and nothing says “hello warm weather” quite like a fresh and bright floral. Top it off with a simple straw hat, and you’re good to go.


Fasten Your Fascinators

It’s easy to see why the fascinator remained a popular choice. Who could deny the appeal of a beautiful woman donning one of these cake-topper-esque headpieces?


But who says a fascinator has to be small? This year, multiple lovely ladies chose to scale up for maximum impact.


Bow Tie One On

Though many a fellow got into the Derby spirit by sporting a bow tie, no two were just alike. Bow ties, bow ties…


…and more bow ties. Honestly, you can never have too many bow ties. Bonus points to those who hand tied their own!


Though this bow tie, made from an actual Maker’s Mark label, really took things up a knotch. Our friend Larry found this one on Etsy.


Spirit Animal

You might think the Derby is all about the horses, but don’t camels and frogs deserve their fair shake? These ladies stopped the show by granting top billing to some alternative four-legged friends.


Going Head-to-Toe

Heads with their hats justifyably receive a lot of attention come Derby time, but Brooklyn Derby goers know carrying a look all the way down the leg is a pro move.


Eyewear and Outterwear

Get your face in on the act with a killer pair of sunglasses. Let’s hope the future remains as bright as these color-coordinated shades.


And as the sun starts to set, you’ll want outterwear that is just as fun as your innerwear. These lovlies efortlessly nailed keeping warm while keeping fashionable.


Live Wires

Whether pinned to your lapel or atop your noggin, nothing adds a touch of class quite like adding a live floral statement to your outfit.


Put This On

As long as their are mint juleps, men donning ladies’ hats by the end of the event will remain a staple.


And it’s one trend we hope won’t be going out of style anytime soon. These fellows have never looked lovlier!


All That Really Matters

Brooklyn Derby goers instinctively seem to know that regardless of what they wear, the best accessories will always be a sassy attitude, a big smile….


…and your dancing shoes!