The Derby's in the Details

What Got Worn to Brooklyn Derby

Derby Day is personal style at its best. Everyone’s true colors, or lack thereof, come out in full force. Even men, who in our opinion should wear bespoke suits every day, bring out their Sunday best for our annual Saturday soiree. Here's a rundown of some of the best looks captured at the 11th Annual Brooklyn Derby by our incredible photographer Steve McFarland.


The Colorful

Some people prefer to include a sampling of color in their Derby attire. Either by bringing two contrasting colors together, or by mixing a little of everything for a peacock-like display. There is no such thing as a fashion faux pas on Derby Day. The more extravagant, the better. If you’ve ever wanted to wear a rainbow hairpiece, this is the day to do it.



The Monochrome

To the colorful crowd, taking a monochrome approach might seem boring. But, done right, it’s a far cry from stale. It takes a lot of creativity to pull off Derby style in a single hue. These women pulled off bold, yet classy during last year’s festivities. If you are going to go monochrome, go all the way from the shoes up to the hat.



Ties & Suspenders

Not just for the gentlemen, ties and suspenders can take a pair of pants and button up and turn them up to eleven. No Derby Day would be complete without these essential accessories. Since ties come in such a wide variety of shapes and patterns, it’s great to bring out a bright and bold one to contrast a solid shirt. Suspenders are generally behind-the-scenes players on occasions that require suits. But on Derby Day, you can wear them sans jacket for added sartorial appeal.



Hats of Great Heights

Last year, we saw an array of incredibly intricate hats. Forgoing extra large brims, these women built up instead of out. Vertical hats have their advantages, one of which is that’s it’s easier to give out hugs when you don’t have a 10 barrier around your head.


Baby Style

Always a show stealer on Derby Day. Babies and kids have Derby style on lockdown. They dress loud and they dress proud. They can pull of any color combination and look even better in hats than their full-grown counterparts.


It seems that each year Brooklyn Derby brings out bigger and better personal style. Check out the full album. What will you be wearing this year?